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Leather Backpack for Men

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  • Canvas Crazy Horse Skin
  • Canvas lining
  • ✅Exclusive Custom Stonewashed Canvas:This backpack canvas is characterized by water resistance, abrasion resistance and tear resistance.The bag is coated with a water repellent coating, and water droplets will cause the lotus leaf effect to slide directly.Washed canvas material, abrasion and scratch resistance, stable color fastness; the buckle is made of crazy horse leather processed by the first layer of real cowhide, retaining the original rough style of cowhide.
  • ✅Large-capacity Multi-pocket Setting:2 side pockets on both sides of this travel backpack can hold cups,umbrellas and other items,and a back pocket has a zipper to access the main bag, which can store valuables. The bag is bucket-shaped and has a huge capacity. IPAD, mobile power, mobile phones, wallets, pens have dedicated pocket positions; adjustable beam rope to control the capacity, the maximum capacity is 38 + 15L, the size of this backpack is: 31cm * 21cm * 48cm.
  • ✅Unique Patented Design:Patented appearance design, unique, original wooden button rope opening and closing pocket design, simple and convenient, but also anti-theft; custom hardware thickening, highlighting the originality. The inner side of the bag is made of cotton lining, and the sewing is made of 6 nylon nylon threads. The external USB charging box AUX headphone jack is used. The shoulder strap and the stress-resistant webbing are reinforced Items.
  • ✅You Can Get 4 Matching Products:WAY ONE retro waterproof travel backpack original by designer Leo Wang & a WAY ONE travel notebook, you can record your feelings at any time during the trip & a multi-functional pocket storage artifact, you can put The small things you need for your journey are stored inside & a bunch of bottle keychains with designer Leo Wang's personal logo, which can be hung on the outside of the bag for decoration.
  • ✅On the way of external storage or travel, it can take full care of your accompanying items. On the way to work, it is a mobile office. On your back, you are always the visual center to show your taste. On your back, you will immediately become a young man of art and be different!